Education Workshops

Contrabanda is happy to perform in an education setting, whether it be explaining the basics of Latin Jazz to traditional Afro Folkloric rhythms from Cuba to Africa. The band is also bilingual, performing in both English & Spanish. There are many ways we can combine a performance with education. All of the members of Contrabanda have taught throughout the midwest and beyond. Ask for more details.

Rhythm Workshops including Cuban-African-Brazilan Percussion

Vocal Workshops from Bilingual singing to Choro and Sonero lines

Jazz Workshops for your band incorporating the rhythm section and brass players for Latin feels and sounds

Energia : The Roots of Latin Jazz

A 45 minute show exploring the history and rhythms  of Latin Jazz. Learn about Clave, Slave migration, and how the music has ensconced itself in American culture


Rhythms of Rio

A 45 minute show exploring the history and rhythms  of Brazil.  This quartet will take you on a journey of music around the country as well as remind you of the 2016 Olympics.

Toque Chicago

An afro-cuban folkloric group playing a 45 minute show teaching the folkloric rhythms of Cuba tracing the forms from Africa and beyond 


World Percussion Tour